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Kode Rahasia Samsung

maaf ya sobat blog..
udah lama gak posting ni..  🙂

oiya admin mau bgi tips sedikit ni..
kebetulan hp admin pake samsung..
jadi mau bagi-bagi kode rahasia buat samsung ni..langsung aja ya. ini kode nya di bawah.. 🙂

Check IMEI : *#06#

Check SW Version : *#1234#

Check FTA SW Version : *#1111#

Check FTA HW Version : *#2222#

Check SW|Tune|HW-Version, RF Cal Date & D/L Date : *#0206*8376263#

Check Battery Status : *#0228#

Check Bluetooth Device Address : *#232337# (Need to power off once access this)

Test Mode : *#0*#

HSDPA|3G|EDGE|GPRS Power On Attach : *#4777*8665#

Factory / Hard Reset : *2767*3855# (All data & setting in phone erase & reset to factory default automatically without warning)

This code has something to do with phone locking : *#7465625#

This code *#0002*28346# has
[1] Debug Screen
[2] Version Information
[3] RF test
[4] UMTS rf nv
[5] Read gsm rf nv
[6] Write gsm rf nv
[7] Base Band
[8] Audio
[9] Common

Semoga Bermanfaat… 🙂


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